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Custom Build / Upgrade

Custom Gaming PC – One foot Cube Case

We can build PCs as well!

Designed to suit your requirements, desires and budget. Tailored for the applications that you want to use, for example gaming, video streaming, sound production, etc. Maybe you want a smaller case.

Don’t feel pressured guessing what specifications you need whilst choosing computers online. Advice is here to be given if you are not sure. The process always starts with a chat.

  • Can you can upgrade your current PC?
  • What parts you can re-use to make your budget stretch further?
  • Where is it best to concentrate your budget?

The computers are designed around what you want to do with them, the hardware you want to include and even how you want them to look.

We can also build if you have been shopping and bought the parts yourself.

recent custom PC upgrade with customer supplied parts.