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data protection and automatic backup services

Fully automated and secure backup systems with disaster recovery lets you get on with running your business, while beoneIT Backup ensures your critical systems and data are always protected and always available.


Online computer backup is a more efficient and easier way to back up your computer files. Your files are securely encrypted, copied, and backed up to servers in an off site data center. This keeps your data safe from things like theft, floods, fires, or hard drive crashes.

You might already use CDs/DVDs or external hard drives to back up your data. The main difference and benefit that online backup offers over those options is convenience. Face it, backing up your computer is usually not a priority. You forget to do it. Or maybe, you don’t know how to do it. It is just too much of a hassle and can take a long time. Online backup manages the back up process for you and with Be One IT Online Backup it is simple, automatic, and does not require any technical knowledge. Instead of creating backup copies of your files on hard drives, flash drives, or on CDs or DVDs use online backup. Unlike those traditional methods online backup is much simpler. You don’t have to spend time burning and labeling discs, connecting hard drives, and remembering which files you last backed up and when.

Another vital benefit of online backup is that the duplicate copies of your information are stored away from the originals. More often than not the external hard drive is placed on the same desk as the computer while back up DVDs and CDs are in the desk drawers. If there is a fire, theft, or flood in your home, chances are the external hard drive and/or CDs will be destroyed or stolen too.

An additional important benefit of online backup is the use of advanced encryption technologies to prevent illegal access to your files. With online backup you do not have to be concerned that you might forget to encrypt a file because this is automatically done on your computer before they any of your files are sent to the online backup data center.

Why Online?
Not convinced that server backup online is the way to go? Consider the following:
– External hardware devices have a limited life span. CDs and DVDs are subject to wear and have a high likelihood of failure at some point. Hardware such as USB keys and external hard drives typically only last a couple of years and can be more costly.
– Relying on a person for backup is risky. In-person backup can mean less frequent backups and relies on people to remember to backup and swap backup tapes and take them to an offsite location. Online server backups automatically monitor files, backing up and protecting them whenever they are changed or whenever a new file is created.
– External data storage is at risk for natural disaster and security issues. Backup tapes can be stolen or destroyed. Think of businesses in New Orleans who stored data in nearby offsite locations and lost both their onsite and offsite data during Hurricane Katrina.

By backing up over the Internet to a secure site using Be One IT offsite server backup services, businesses eliminate costly tape drives, media and other backup equipment. As a bonus, backups are already located offsite. Concerned about security? Be One IT Backup heavily encrypt user data through all stages of the transaction, from initial on line service backups to file restoration. Offsite server backups are replicated to another storage facility in a completely separate geographic region.

We can provide you with Online, Offsite Backup Solution and also traditional Backup on secondary disk drive for enhanced disaster recovery capabilities. For no obligation quote call: 01506 243 001 or e-mail