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website, hosting and email accounts

beoneIT offers a full range of internet services: web hosting, domain name registration, email hosting, We can also design website for you. We will set-up email accounts on your computers, laptops and mobile phones if needed.


More and more people are looking to the web for the products and services they need. Consumers want to be able to access products and services online and businesses have to obey consumer expectations! The Internet is the most economical and efficient way to do business. There are numerous advantages for your business to be online. Cost Savings and increasing your bottom line! A Professionally developed web site keeps more money in your pocket. Think of your website as a workforce multiplier. Your website can enhance numerous aspects of your business. Enhance your company’s marketing activities. Because your website provides a showcase of everything your company has to offer placing your company’s web address on everything that comes into contact with the public is a great way to enhance your marketing. Easy ways for you to promote your company’s website. On Promotional items such as pens, calendars, hats, key chains. End of sale items such as bags, receipts and even packaging tape!

The best thing to do is to have your own domain so, for instance, visitors only need to write to find your personal website. Another just as important part of web hosting worth mentioning is e-mail. With e-mail you have access to an incredibly effective and time-saving means of communication. And with e-mail on your own domain, you emphasise your personal identity in a more complete way than with a free e-mail provider.

E-mail address on own domain When you have your own domain, the domain name is included as that part of the email address specified after the ‘@’ character. Thus, having your own domain gives you the possibility of having a unique and personal email address(ie: so you are certain you send the right signals to those people you communicate with. Many people make use of a free email address at Google, Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. A free email address can also be excellent for many purposes. However, it not looks professional. Writing from an email address under a domain name signals credibility. Anyone can create a Hotmail address in just a few minutes, whereas it is more binding to register a domain with a mail account. By having your own domain name, you can decide what the email address is to be called. Thus, you can focus on the important things without being distracted. With a subscription at, you do not need to worry about spam or the risk of virus. Thanks to the built-in antivirus programme and spam filter on the web space, security is at its best.

Always accessible with web mail

The most ordinary way of reading mails is by using an email client, for instance the free Mozilla Thunderbird, OSX Mail or Microsoft Outlook. However, in many situations it is useful to be able to have access to mails via other computers than just your own personal computer. This may be at the workplace, from a holiday destination, or simply just because you don’t want to have to use a specific mail programme on your computer. In these situations, web mail would be the obvious solution. Web mail gives you access to your in-tray from an ordinary web browser by entering the email address and the appurtenant password. In so doing, you have flexible access to your mails from any computer with connection to the Internet.

Easy to start using mail on the mobile phone

By setting up your mobile phone for email, you can have even more freedom of movement than you have with web mail. It is not necessary to have the latest smartphone. As a main rule, any mobile telephone that is able to receive and send text messages can also receive and send emails. A special mobile phone subscription is not normally required either.

We can design website for you, register domain and set-up unlimited amount of email addresses for you and your workers. For no obligation quote call: 01506 243 001 or e-mail