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Why buy a refurb from Be One IT?

Ready to go: All computers are ready to use. A fresh copy of Windows downloaded from Microsoft, with system updates, 3 different internet browsers, media player, free Office Suite, photo editor and pdf reader all installed. Just take home and use.

Support: Need help getting emails, skype, icons configured? No problem. Want the data transferred from your old computer onto your new one? Certainly. All included in the price.

Try before you buy (instore): Not sure if the keyboard is for you? Try it. Wondering if it’s as fast as you’d like, with everything already set up and ready you can do a real test. If you even have an essential, specific program that you are incorporating into your choice we can even install it (licenses permitting)

Honest Advice: Not sure what you want or need? Just ask. I don’t want you spending your hard earned on cash something you don’t need or that won’t do the job you need it to do.

Condition: See what you are buying. No internet buys that turn up with mysterious bashes, cracks or scratches. Unlike most other sellers, who give no guarantee on their battery’s life, I capacity test all the laptop batteries. If they fall under 80% capacity then they are replaced, so no power shutdowns after 10 minutes!