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spilled drink on laptop

spilageIf any liquid accidentally gets in to your laptop there are few steps to follow:

  1. Switch off the wall socket (where the laptop power supply is connected)
  2. Unplug power supply
  3. Take out the battery
  4. Open the laptop wide and place it gently on a towel (keyboard facing down)
  5. Wait some time (30-60min) for liquid to drain into the towel. DO NOT use hair dryer etc.
  6. Do not plug in power or place battery back in to the unit.
  7. Bring the laptop to us as special cleaning will be still required.

If you follow these steps, there is a big chance to recover your laptop without any damage to hardware and operating system.

Desktop PCs

If the spillage has been made on a desktop unit (not only the keyboard) then:

  1. Switch off the wall socket (where the unit is connected)
  2. Dry any liquid which is out of the unit with wipes or towel.
  3. Disconnect the unit and bring it for inspection and cleaning.